A Visa is an official document which grants access (for a limited time) into a country. For us, traveling inside of Europe does not require a visa. The Schengen act makes this possible. But I know what you’re thinking; for which countries would I need a Visa? How expensive is it? For how long is it valid? This all and many more I will be explaining in detail.


There are many types of different Visas, but in this case only three of them are relevant to us: Transit Visas, Short Stay Visas and Long Stay Visas. Choosing which Visa fits to you and your journey is very important. Considering getting a Visa can be hard, time consuming and expensive. Here I listed up the 3 different types of Visas:


Transit Visa

A transit visa, as the name already suggests, is a Visa you would choose if you are planning to make a short stop, for example with the airplane, and are planning to use the country to continue you journey. This Visa is valid for several hours, till 10 days. The length of this Visa usually depends on the size of the country; if it is a small country going through it or traveling further wouldn’t take very long, so the Visa will be rather short. The length of this Visa of course also depends on the rules of that certain country. So to make a long story short, choose this visa only if you would like to use the country as a short stop-by. The plus side about this Visa is that it is usually free or very cheap.


The Short Stay Visa

You would choose for this certain Visa if you are planning to visit the country, like we are! This category can be divided into different sub-categories like: private visit, tourist, business trip and many more. Considering that we, and maybe even you, will be traveling the world we will be focusing on the Work-Holiday and Tourist Visa to make sure we can finance our trip in certain countries.


The Tourist Visa

This Visa is for when you are planning to just visit a country. With this Visa business activity is forbidden (of course you may check your email, although that isn’t really the point of vacation but we will get into that another time). The Tourist Visa usually allows you to stay for about maximum a month, but this can of course vary per country. If you want to know exactly the rules in certain countries then click here. So, the Tourist Visa is perfect for visiting a country!


The Work-Holiday Visa

This Visa is just made for you if you are planning to earn a bit of money on your journey, considering a world-journey can be very expensive. If you want to know more about money then click here (link still under construction). The Work-Holiday Visa allows you to do certain work for a restricted period of time. The rules can be very different per country and usually are quite strict, for example usually you have to be under a certain age to be able to get this Visa (which is kind of logical considering that usually the older you get the less willing you are to do a work-holiday). If you would like to get this visa be sure to read about the short time work rules of the country that you are planning to visit. Read more about working in a country click here.


The long stay Visa

This Visa is for when you take visiting a country very seriously or maybe you have just fallen in love with a certain person in this country, maybe even fallen in love with the country itself, and just can’t leave. Then this Visa is perfect for you, because this Visa doesn’t only allow you to stay a considerable amount of time, but it also allows you to do a job and take certain education. If you are planning to choose this Visa, be sure to read everything about the Visa in that certain country, because before you know, you might just choose to stay forever.


Visa’s to certain countries

If you want to know more information about the Visa for the country that you are planning to visit then click here.