The perfect Tent?

During a world trip there may be occasions where you can't find a cheap hostel and have to stay in a tent or maybe it is exactly what you want; sleeping in a tent under the stars. The only problem: tents tend to be quite heavy and if you find a light weight tent the usually have a big price tag. That is why we did some research and made a list of the top light wight tents for a low price but first we will be telling you what you have to keep in mind while buying a tent.


Things you need to keep in mind while buying a tent

Everything you take with you on your trip you have to be caring for a whole year. That is why u have to be extremely careful while choosing what to take with you. First of all, you have to think about if you will be needing a tent, or that you are sure if you can bind accommodation every night. We choose to take a tent with us because we both are big fans of camping and it is a cheap alternative for hostels. Although we will always be staying in hostels in city’s of non safe areas, it is always practical to have a tent as backup. And what is more adventurous than sleeping in a tent under the stars?

We have made a list of our top 5 best tents. We personally will be using a tent called Bullfrog form The North Face, but this product is unfortunately not for sale anymore.






This is our number one. The tent only weighs 3.75 pounds which is 1.8 kilos. this makes it one of the lightest tents hat we could find. The Vaude Hogan has a big inside (you can see the sizes below). it has an average price compared to other tents, especially considering it is something you’re going to carry during the whole journey, so this is probably something worth investing in. The size also allows to keep your gear inside at night, so it won’t get stolen or "explored" by animals. 

 This tent is a bit more expensive than our number one, but the Marmot Amp 2P tent has a second layer, which is perfect if you are planning to travel to warmer areas, because it allows you to take off the rain proof top. Then you can see the stars while lying in your sleeping bag, but still be protected against mosquitoes and animals. Although this tent is perfect for warm conditions, the Marmot Amp’s rain protecting layer also provides a substantial amount of warmth. The tent weighs 3.3 pounds (or 1,5 kg)

The Big Agnes Three Island UL 2-Person Tent features an exceptionally big storage space, which is perfect for us, considering that we are traveling with a big backpack that we rather not leave outside at night. Just like the Marmot Amp this tent consists of two layers. The tent, like the Marmot Amp tent, weighs 3.3 pounds (or 1,5 kg), which makes it perfect for backpackers and easy to carry by one person. 


The ALPS Mountaineering Aries 2 tent is a 4-seasons tent, ideal if you are planning to travel to colder areas. The tent is also pretty cheap, with 140 dollars it is the cheapest on our list. The tent weighs 5.75 pounds and is made of polyester and stable aluminium. The tent is very stable and resistant to nearly all weather conditions. 

The terra nova tent is very small but lightweight tent. It is just big enough for 2 people although that might be very tight. It weighs 3.99 pounds, what also makes it suitable for people who pay lots of attention to the weight of their gear.