Sleeping bags

If you are traveling with a tent then the sleeping bag is a essential part of your Equipment. Although i was not looking forward for pruchasing a sleeping bag (because in my head sleping bags were allways very bulky and consumed a lot of space) we were asonished how light, comact and warm slpeeing bags can be, we unlist if you wish to pay the price for these high-end sleeping bags. Like always we went on a mission to find the best price to weight ration but before that, first a list of things a sleeping bag should forfil...


Considering we don't want to be caring a caravan on our back weight is very important. believe me when caring around a backpack for a hole year you will be happy for every gram you save. It would be ideal if the sleeping bag is between 500 grams and one kilo.


We thrive to make your backpack that we will be taking on our world trip as small as possible. This is the reason why we are looking for the most compact sleeping bags.