Holland, where we live, is a relatively small country, so almost everyone travels with public transport or by bike. Unfortunately we can’t take ours on our world trip, what means that we will be walking a lot. It is therefore essential that the shoes you take with you fit perfectly, and are resistant to long walks and different weather conditions. We strive to travel as lightweight as possible, what means that we probably both will take only one or two pair of shoes. So, what kind of shoes are the best suitable to take on a world trip?




At home, I mostly wear Sendra boots. But this kind of shoes are absolutely not practical to wear while travelling. They weigh much more than necessary, are too big to put in your bag, and simply aren’t made to walk long distances with. We’ll definitely leave these at home.


Walking shoes

The kind of shoes we will wear most on our world trip, will probably be walking shoes. These are made to walk long distances with, to fit comfortable and to wear during the whole day. My shoes are from the brand Salomon, which is specialized in hiking and running shoes. But of course, there are a lot of other brands which offer outdoor shoes. 


Flip flops

It is always handy to take another pair of shoes on your world trip than your walking shoes. A type of shoes that are comfortable and weigh little are flip flops. On a warm day you won't want to wear tight and closed shoes, so relieve your feet by wearing flip flops. But be careful where you step; in countries like Australia there can be dangerous animals and insects anywhere!


My conclusion is that the best fitting shoes to take on a world trip are walking shoes. But Philip and I didn't totally agree on that yet. He thinks that running shoes are better, because they weigh less and fit more comfortable, although they give less support while walking long distances. What’s your opinion? Leave it in the comment section!