Hammock vs Tent


In the hammock tab we have already listed the advantages of having a hammock but of course there are plenty of advantages to the regular tent. If you are still not sure what you want to take with you while traveling? Well then your perfect here because in this article we will be comparing test and hammock


The Price of your gear is in our eyes very relevant because first of all there is always a risk of your stuff getting stolen while traveling and the less money you have to invest in your travel gear the more money you can spend on the world trip itself. Below we have made an image to show you how expensive the gear is. Note that the prices of hammocks don't vary that much but the prices of the tents and accessories to very a lot. We have chosen average pricing for the gear on the image below.


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While our world trip we want to travels as lightweight as possible. The reason here for is that you can get charged more by airline companies if your bagage weghs more than a certan amount and it just is not that plesant to carry a havy backpack around the world. We want our backpack to be around 30 pounds which is 13.5 kilos. We have calculated the total weight that a hammock set will weigh and how much a tent set weights (see photo below). The hammock set will weigh about 10% of our travel gear and the tent 30%. Of course the weigt of the tents can verie. If you buy a expensive tent than the weight can be less