A very good alternative to taking a tent on your journey is a hammock. A hammock is basically a peace of fabric which is hung in between two trees or other objects and made to sit in or even sleep in. Hammocks come in different types, you probably know the most common hammocks, which are made out of cotton and usually are quite heavy. But why take a hammock instead of a tent? We have listed some arguments:  


We did some research in tents which you can read here. There we saw that the lightest tent was around 3.3 pounds which is 1.5 kg. That only is the tent itself; then you wil also need a mattress which isn’t only heavy but also takes up a lots of space in your travel gear. With a hammock this is not the case, the best hammock we found only wheighs 1 pound which is only about 500 grams! Then you only need the water proof sheet on top but this doesn't weigh more than half a pound. A hammock is a tent and matress in one making it extremely lightweight and small. 


Insects and wild animals

We wil be traveling to places where there are a lot of different animals and insects. This can be very nice and interesting but can, for example in Australia, be against your interest considering there are nearly more lethal animals and insects than non lethal. These insects, for example spiders can be only as big as a finger nail and live on the ground. In this case the hammock is optimal considering it has a built in mosquito net and doen’t even touch the ground. This makes the hammock perfect in dangerous territory's.



In some places in the world there are very strong rain seasons where it can rain for weeks non-stop. This often results to small “Rivers” rinsing over the ground and if you happen to have your tent there, well then you wil be sleeping in a wet tent. There is nearly nothing worse then having a wet tent. In the hammock you wouldn't be having those problems because you are half a body length off the ground. So your sleeping place wil stay warm and cozy.




As a conclusion, a hammock is a substantial candidate to a tent but at the end you have to choose what you personally prefer because sleeping in a hammock is not something every one prefers. I would advise you to go into a store or go to a friend who has a hammock and just test it for a night.