The first country we will be travelling to is New Zealand, called one of the most beautiful places in the world. Its capital is Wellington, located on the south tip of the North Island, and also the most southern capital city in the world. Though it only has 400.000 residents, it is a beautiful city to visit. It is often described as the cultural center of New Zealand. Here are some must do’s in Wellington:


Te Papa 

The National Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa is located in the harbour of Wellington. New Zealand’s biggest treasures are being exhibited here, like the world’s largest colossal squid. Everything about the rich culture, the formation of New Zealand, the geology and the native folk, the Maori, is being shown in this museum. Definitely a good start after we just arrived, and perfect for tourists like us!

Read more on the Te Papa’s website


Mount Victoria

Less than 5 kilometres of the city center is a lookout on top of Mount Victoria, rising 192 metres above the city, and is free of charge. The 360 degree view of Wellington is breathtaking. Also sunrise and sunset will allow for stunning views.


Wellington Zoo

Almost every big city in the world has a zoo, but in which zoo can you meet kiwis in real life? No, not the fruit, but the small, brown birds, with the size of a chicken. The Wellington Zoo has a kiwi house, where these little animals live. New Zealand is the only place in the world where kiwis are naturally found, what even makes it more special to visit this Zoo. Apart from kiwis the Wellington Zoo of course also has a lot of other animals, altogether more than 100 different species!


Wellington Cable Car

Going from the city centre to the Botanic Garden, the Wellington Cable Car is one of the most popular tourist attractions. At the end, there is even a Cable Car Museum located, where the original cable car stands. 

Wellington, New Zealand at night
Wellington, New Zealand at night