Bamberg is a beautiful city in the center of Germany located in the Bundesstaat Bavaria. The city’s history goes back to more than thousand years. Bamberg, compared to other city’s in Germany has nearly all of its old center giving it the biggest UNESCO world culture area in whole Germany. We from WorldWideWust made a special 2 day tour of the city.


Day 1

At eight o’clock we awake to a beautiful sunrise in the middle of the old center of Bamberg. While looking out of the window we see Bamberg’s most characteristic building: the Dom. After a short breakfast, we decide to make our way through Bamberg's narrow roads. The dome, which is founded in 1002 making it one of bamberg's most ancient buildings. The church was built between the roman and gothic period (you don’t have to remember that, but you might notice that the front looks different than the back of the church). After the visit to the spectacular church we have a insider tip for you: In front of the church is a big open area, if you go through the building adjacent to the church you will visit the “rosengarten”. There you have an amazing panoramic view of the city (this can be seen at 0.20 of the bamberg video). Then we descend the small hill the Dom is located on, heading to the old town hall which is, not like other townhalls, located in the middle of a river. Herefor, of course, there is a long story but here is a small summary: the bishop, which owned large amounts of land at that time, didn't what to give in the necessary land to build the city hall. The clever government at that time had the idea to build the building in the middle of the river, because that was neutral ground.


At one o’clock it is tradition to go lunching, and not like other places in the world (at least where we live), lunch in Bamberg is usually warm instead of dinner. So we go to one of Bamberg's most famous breweries: Schlenkerla. The brewery got its fame for the Rauch Bier. This is a special type of beer that everyone who is visiting bamberg must have tried. I can't guarantee you will like it considering it has a very special taste, you can compare the taste to bacon!


After lunch we decided to just wander around in the city for a bit, so we headed towards the market place at St Martin church, where the central shopping area of Bamberg is located. For diner we have another insider tip for you: in Bamberg there is a thing called Bier Keller, which are small cosy outside restaurants located on the old beer storage. From these Bier Keller there is an amazing view of the city and the food is traditional and quite cheap. (We went to the Spezi Bier Keller)



Day 2

On day two we continue our “culture program” and we visit the Obere Pfarre, which also is a famous building in Bamberg. After that we go lunching in the Spezi which is probably after the Schlenkerla the most visited and most traditional brewery of Bamberg. A fascinating fact is that all the breweries still make their own beer and that Bamberg is the city which has the most breweries per citizen in the whole world! After that we take a small trip (about 30 km) to Schloss Seehoff which is a magnificent castle near Bamberg but even more astonishing than the castle itself is the 21 hectare large garden surrounding the building, with near the small lake a beautiful fountain. For diner we eat at Keesmann which is probably the best brewery in Bamberg!




And my last tip: if you have the privilege to choose when to go to Bamberg than I would advise to go during the Sandkerwa which is usually between 25 and 28 august. The Sandkerwa is basically the October fest, but then done right. It is a lot more cosy and more traditional, and most important at such an event: the beer is way better!