Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands and even though it is not far away of our starting point, it is definitely a destination worthy to visit. Amsterdam is not only the capital of the Netherlands but also the biggest and most visited city. We from worldwidewust have been often in Amsterdam and we will be telling you the best places to visit.



The Wallen

When you arrive at Central Station you should make your way to the Dam. The Dam is basically Amsterdam's center. From there you can go visit the Wallen. That is Amsterdam's red light and weed area. During the day it is just a normal city district you may not even notice, but a soon as the sun goes down you can see women in the widows and young tourists lining up in front of the coffee shop (for the people who don't know what a coffee shop is: it definitely isn't a Starbucks but a shop where you can legally buy marijuana if you are above the age of 18.) Even though you might not be interested in visiting these “services” it is definitely worth checking it out. Because the wallen are quite unique for Amsterdam. The “vibes” in this area of Amsterdam is something you won’t find in other area’s in the world because it is just very laid back, for example you can see couples sitting by the gracht (gracht= the water channel going through Amsterdam) smoking weed together. Even though I must say not everyone will enjoy this area and image of Amsterdam. But I would say: just go there and form an opinion for yourself.


9 Straatjes

After you visited the Wallen (or not) it is time to go more south. There you can visit the 9 straatjes which are small shopping streets where artists have small shops selling self manufactured good. But a little bit outside of the 9 straatjes you can also find the big brands, so I would definitely advise going there for the best shopping experience. (scroll down for the map where these districts are or just google 9 straatjes Amsterdam and you will find it)


Museums Plein

Then the Rijksmuseum is definitely a must if you are a culture enthusiast. In the Rijksmuseum you can find Rembrandts greatest works but even the amazing museum building is worth taking a look at. Although if you like museums you are definitely in luck because Amsterdam is the city with the most museums per citizen. Want to see the list of all these museums click here. But the most important museums you should visit are: the Van Gogh museum and the Anne Frank house (even though you should know the story of Anne Frank or have read the book because otherwise you wait an hour in line to see a regular house.)  And now comes my insider tip: BUY TICKETS ONLINE, I know that caps are very dramatic but the line for getting tickets to the Van gogh museum is usually about 2 hours. If you have purchased online tickets you are inside the building in about 10 minutes.


Oud Zuid

After you have visited the touristic parts of Amsterdam you can go to the south part to see the everyday life in Amsterdam. Oud Zuid, like they call it in the Netherlands is south of the Rijksmuseum and it is a more rich area of Amsterdam. There you can do shopping at its finest, the 1.5 kilometer long Beethovenstraat houses plenty of shops. Even the what we find best tea-shop in Amsterdam where you can have a cup of tea and eat a cake click here.


If you really want to get the wow-effect of Amsterdam then we recommend you first take one of the thousand boat tours that are in Amsterdam because on the water the grachten houses are definitely the most beautiful and traditional. And with one of these tours you see the most amazing parts of Amsterdam. As I already said there are plenty of different tours. There are regular tours which are more or less a swimming bus, but there are also very luxurious tours.



Then our last tip is: the sky lounge of the Double Tree Hotel. This is probably the best view in Amsterdam. You can see this view at 0.19 seconds and 0.30 in the Amsterdam video below. The sky lounge is during the day a perfect area to drink a coffee and evenings it hosts amazing parties. Everyone can visit the sky lounge, so you don't have to stay at the hotel. The only downside: a beer costs 9 euros so if you can afford an evening there, you really should and if not: just drink nothing and enjoy the view.

Want info in German? Then click here for an amazing German website about Amsterdam