As you probably know, we are filming the majority of our world trip. While doing this quality is very important to use but the equipment also has to be reliable and light. i have made a list of camera equipment that we use which is rather affordable compared to other camera equipment on the market.


Canon powershot G7x

the canon powershot is an lightweight high performance camera which grants you a lot of freedom while recording due to it’s extremely high consimalisation ( with this i mean that you can change, ISO, lighting different modes ect.) you can not online make stunning photo with this camera but you can also film surprisingly well. the camera has an amazing digital stabilizer which makes sure that the image is stable while wolking. the zoom is quite good it bessicly is just what you need (4.2x lense zoom and 17x digital zoom). the camera has a tiltable  schern which makes it perfect for vlogging and the built in touchscreen makes it very simple to use. the camera also has wifi- so it can connect to existing wifi letting you post your photos and movies to social media or upload it to drive. the camera can also host its own wifi making it posible to send fotos to you mobile divice. (and NO you can’t use social media or connect to the internet with this Wifi its only to make connection in between camera and mobile) +- 450 euros = 489 US dollar

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the gopro is an amazing action cam i personally have the gopro hero4 (about 450 euros which is 489 us dollars) and the hero 3+ (which was also about the same price when it came out) both cameras are amazing and i love the fisheye effect (that everything is zoomed out) but the camera can be very annoying due to its lack of screen because connecting to you iphone isnt always that reliably and very time consuming but these cameras are a very good part of my gear considering there amazing and very lightweight.