The journey begins soon


6th July, this the date that our journey will begin. The tickets are booked, and the start of our journey is planned. On this day we will take an airplane to Hong Kong. There we are planning to stay for a week to further plan our world trip.


So how is progress looking till now?

well, we had our vaccinations (which is a big deal and an expensive thing), booked a hotel for the first night and most importantly we booked the plane ticket. Our journey will start in Hong Kong, from there we are planning to travel by train through China Vietnam, Laos to Bangkok. Traveling this big segment by train was a conscious choice because we believe that Traveling by train (well everything except airplane) shows you a whole different perspective, you get to see part of a country that you would when traveling by air. But our first stop in Hong Kong which is a big contrast to the Netherlands and other western cities. With more than 7 million people Hong Kong will be the biggest city that I have ever visited. Accordingly, we think getting used to the climate and surrounding will be quite difficult, but hey, that part of the fun.



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