10 things you didn’t know about the Netherlands!











With 18 million bikes and 17 million inhabitants, the Netherlands has more bikes than people! A survey by the Dutch Bikers Association shows that 84% of the Dutch citizens older than 4 years old owns a bike. This country is also the safest in the world to ride your bike in. This may sound amazing, but owning a bike in the Netherlands doesn’t only have benefits, because with 100.000 reported thefts per year, the bike theft in this country is also the highest in the world.

The Netherlands may mean “low lands” in dutch, but compared to the world it’s the land of giants. In the last 150 years, the average height of a Dutch male has gained 20 centimetres! Probably that’s why Dutch people are the tallest in the world. Dutch men have an average height of 184 cm, and women 170 cm.

Almost 50% of the beverage production in the Netherlands is beer, that’s more than soda drinks and mineral water together! The Dutch beer brand Heineken is the third biggest beer producer in the world. Another funny fact: In the Netherlands, beer gets served in very small glasses compared to the rest of the world. The reason for that is the foam on top of the beer. In Holland we believe that the foam on the beer protects the drink from oxygen in the air, which affects the taste. When the foam is gone, we say that the beer is “dead”, and it doesn’t taste as good anymore. With a smaller glass, you will finish your beer easier before the foam disappears.

The Netherlands are famous for their drug policy; in our country weed is tolerated. Therefore the chance you find young tourists in Amsterdam buying weed is extremely high. The Dutch Ministry of Justice applies a gedoogbeleid (tolerance policy), which allows to carry a maximum of 5 grams of weed. The same applies for cannabis plants; when growing 5 plants or less, you won’t be prosecuted as long as you hand them in. 

What is the first thing that comes in mind when thinking about the Netherlands? Yes, off course, windmills. Most people think that there are about 100 windmills still standing for tourists. Well, then you’re wrong, the Netherlands counts about 1150 windmills. Only 95 years ago the Netherlands had more than 10.000 operational windmills. Nowadays you can still find plenty of operational windmills all over the Netherlands. In these windmills various items are still being made like: Flour, wood and even paint! So when you are visiting the Netherlands, if it is on a world trip of not, definitely be sure to visited of of the Netherlands amazing windmills!

 Did you know that 87% of the Dutch speak english. Not knowing the local languages is definitely no excuse for not visiting the Netherlands. The Netherlands is rated third in speaking english as a second language of all countries in the world!

Gay marriage is an often discussed theme. More and more countries are legalizing gay marriage like recently the United States. But here it comes, The Netherlands was the first country to ever legalize gay marriage.

The Dutch national anthem is the oldest in the world! It originates in the 16th century! Of course you can’t wait to hear it ;) here it is  

The Netherlands is thehealthiest country in the world, this was recently reported by an oxford report.

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