The best sim card for Cambodia!

When traveling to Cambodia, for the most people a sim card is a must! Well, simple just buy a sim card right? Yes and No! You can buy a sim card every where in Cambodia, even the smallest towns have small stands where they sell sim cards. But there is a lot to consider...

Sim card basics

Where we come from (Europe), there are three different types of sim cards: Prepaid, Subscription and Prepaid-Subscription. The first one is that you buy a sim card and then you put some money on it with fixed prices for calling and internet. With this type of sim card you pay per minutes you called and for every MB of internet you use. Then there is the Monthly subscription sim card, here you pay every month for for example 300 minutes of calling and 6GB of internet. Then there is the Prepaid-Subscription plan, this one you will want to be using in Cambodia, you put for example 8 dollars on your sim card and the you get 80GB of internet. 


Important: In Cambodia you don't get a certain amount of MB or GB of internet but instead every it says for example 1 dollar = 500 dollars (we paid 8 dollars and got something like 2000$ worth of internet which apparently is 80GB of internet). But most important: Bring your passport of a copy/photo when buying your sim! 

Which sim card is best for me?

So, there are three big sim card providers: Cellcard, Smart and Metfone. All of them have pro and cons.

+best value

1$ = 250$ (10GB)

8$ = 2000$ (80GB) valid for 30 days

+ Very clear and good costumer service

- bad coverage (good in capital)

+ good App

- Not so good value

1$ = 30$ (1,5GB) valid for 7/12 days

(i paid 8$ and got 15GB)

- extremely confusing!

+ very good coverage

+ 10% off at Burger king and other stores

+ Good value

1$= 150$

1$ = Unlimited YouTube

- not very clear

+ good coverage

+ Unlimited YouTube