10 things to help you save money when booking your airplane ticket!











While booking your flight, set your browser on Incognito mode (on safari this is called private mode). Usually airline ticket sellers make prices higher every time you visit the site again. They do this to make sure that you book your flight sooner than later. Here you can see how to do this:

Comparing your tickets with a ticket comparer like makemytrip.com can save you a lot of money. But what people often don't know is that booking your actual ticket on one of those sites will cost you a fee. This usually varies between 15-50 euro’s (dollar) so as soon as you find your ticket go to the site of the airline and buy your ticket directly from them and save money.

If you are a person who doesn't mind flying on unpleasant times than that will save you a lot of money because flights on unpleasant times, like at seven in the morning, are a lot cheaper than on “humain” times.

Flights outside of vacation times are way cheaper. So only fly at the beginning and end of the vacation if you really have to because the higher the demand for a certain ticket the higher the price.

Loyalty programs are usually thought to only be relevant for people who fight a lot but some loyalty programs can actually help you save a lot of money for your flight tickets. Usually loyalty programs just give you discount after spending thousands of money on airplane tickets. But we here in the Netherlands we have a program called Airmiles. This lets you collect points with doing your groceries or ordering products online and even at the gas station you can collect these points and eventually they actually make you flight cheaper with trading them in for a discount on your flight. And I mean, everybody does groceries and orders online!

Book a long time advanced. Booking your flight early will save you a lot of money, usually if you book more than half a year in advance it will save you between 10 and 20 percent. So if you are already certain about your destination and time of departure make sure to book!

Last minute flight. Although i just said that booking in advance can save you a lot of money, booking last minute can also save you money. When airlines have unbooked tickets in the aircraft they make the price really low to fill the airplane to capacity. So if you are a procrastinator then this might be your thing to do!

An around the world ticket. An around the world ticket is not something for everybody because the most flights ar directly to a certain area, but if you are planning to do a world trip (like we are) this is perfect. An around the world ticket lets you choose a certain team (with team we mean a group of airlines for example the skyteam) where you can book an around the world ticket. An around the world ticket lets you have a certain amount of stops. The terms and conditions vary extremely per ticket so do the prices. Want to read more about around the world tickets click here.

Flying from Hub to Hub. If you fly from a hub to another hub tickets usually are a lot cheaper than flying from a spoke to a spoke. (if you don’t know what a hub and spoke are: a hub is a large airport like Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Dubai, JFK New York and Atlanta. There are of course a lot more hubs but you get the point. A spoke is a very small airport that not a lot of airplanes fly to). Flying from hub to hub is not expensive because there flights happen very often and that makes it more “industrialised” meaning that the prices are also a lot lower. So if you are planning to book a ticket check the big airports in the surrounding area because even if it takes a bit more travel time going to this certain airport it can make your ticket a lot cheaper.

Flying with only hand baggage. Flying with a full suitcase often costs 30 euros extra (especially on short distance flights) so if possible fly with only hand baggage. Do you want to make sure you know what you can take along with hand baggage more info? Click here.