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In this part of the website we share 10 tips that we have on certain subjects. The goal is giving you vital information without you having to look through pages and pages of text. Here you can learn for example ten crucial tip on how to save A LOT of money while booking your airplane tickets. Or for example 10 cool things you really should know about a place before visiting it! Just press on the image below and it wil get you to the artikel!

10 things that wil save you lots of money when booking you airplane ticket!

Here you can learn 10 tips and tricks ever "travel-pro" should know on how to save money when booking your airplane ticket. For example did you know that putting your browser in incognito mode can make you airplane tickets cheaper? Yes it actually true! Read more?

10 things you didn’t know about the Netherlands!

Here you can read 10 interesting fact you (probably) didn't know about the Netherlands! Did you know that the Netherlands have more bikes than people? Read more