We are Philip and Ivy from The Hague in the Netherlands. This next year we will be preparing for our world trip, and we will take you along! During our trip we will post daily videos about our journey and we'll give you tips about how to prepare your journey so you can save money, time and work. So feel free to check out our website and youtube channel!


We aren't yet totally sure where we will be at what time, but we do know in wich direction we will go and wich places we definitely want to visit. This category will of course be updated as soon as we know more. See our planner at the bottom of the page for more information or go to the Planning section.

Our journey

Why World-Wide-Wüst?

You may think why World Wide Wüst? Well, we are two students with a goal to give you the information you will need when traveling, to entertain you even if you are not planning to make a world journey and to simply have a good time. And we are planning to take you along. We are now in the early preparation phase and we will be leaving around july 2017 after we graduate to travel a year around the world!


Time to go

1-2 years 

1 year

8 months

6 months

On Feb 29, 2016 we started World Wide Wüst because we wanted to share our dream of traveling around the world with you! 

At this point of the preparations we should decide your budget; whether we what to have a luxurious world trip (no/less working and only sleeping in hotels) or that we want to have a less pricy trip, in wich we will have to work or even sometimes sleep in a tent/hammock.

For a lot of diseases we will need more than one vaccination to get protected against them. Therefore, it is important to go to the doctor well in advance. It is important that we get our first injection at least a year before our world trip, so we can get our second vaccination just before we leave for optimal coverage. 

About now we should have planned where about we will be traveling. We wil make a list of the Places we will be going to. Want to know where we will be going? Check out the Our Journey section for a detailed place description.

A half year before going on our world trip, make sure you think about which visa is most suited for the kind of trip we will take. Keep in mind that not all visas are for free and that some visas we should get long in advance.

Check out our Youtube channel!